Buttons trouble

I’m trying to update some older buttons that have raster graphics with new .SVG graphics. (First issue I’ve run into is that when I try to delete raster buttons, they don’t disappear until I restart Rhino. But that’s minor. You can see that at the start of my video.)

Big issue is that the old graphics keep coming back when I re-open Rhino. So I thought - maybe the buttons are linked to the plugin that they are associated with, so the plug keeps loading the old graphics. To solve this, I decided I’d create a brand-new toolbar and then drag-and-drop copies of each button to the new toolbar, then update the graphics. So I did that, but the results were even weirder. When I’d close & re-open Rhino, the graphics on the button became a way, way older version of the raster graphics. I don’t have any idea where Rhino is finding these graphics, actually. And, much worse, the left-mouse command and tooltip is deleted.

@JohnM Any Idea what’s happening here?

I will have to give it a try. There are a few open 8.0 button editor issues on my list which are next up.

Also, it seems like there should be a smooth way to round-trip button graphics so that I can edit them in Rhino. Right now, if I export to Rhino, the results don’t match what I see in the button, and if I immediately export it back out from Rhino and import it to a button, it doesn’t match. Maybe it’s just me - I’m not super familiar with working with SVG files. Also, if I create a button in Rhino with hatches that have blends, the blends don’t show up when I import the file to the button (just a flat color instead.)

Or maybe I’m better off editing buttons with the button editor, but right now it’s lacking a few important things:

  1. Flood fill tool
  2. Ability to select a fill color (seems to be a bug?)
  3. Contraints (holding shift) for the line tool

The button editor will always be limited in its toolset compared to Rhino (button editor lacks color blending and also lacks freeform curves and tools like Mirror) so…if there’s a way to round-trip to Rhino without hassle, that would be really great. Maybe a template file for working with button graphics?