How do we add an svg to a button nowadays?

It used to be that we could drag the svg into the button image slot.
Now it won’t let me do that. It only opens the Rhino button editor and in there the import does nothing…
So I end up with a tool without an image…why? I thought all these issues were sorted by now.

Am I doing something wrong here?

thanks a lot

From the File menu in the image editor, choose “Import”.

Thanks, Yes I tried that, it does let me select the file, but it doesn’t actually import it. [the svg was made in rhino so it’s should be ok,
*I made buttons in the past and had no issue, that was before rhino started forcing going via that editor]

Dunno, so you can’t import any svg at all? Even ones that worked in the past?

Apparently the issue was that Rhino saved a blank svg… don’t know why?

thanks a lot

I’ll try to figure this out.