Button Macro Only Works Twice

Rhino v4

! _Dim _Pause _Pause _Pause _SelNone _SelLast _-ChangeLayer “Dim Blue” _SelNone

I click button. Command works.

I right click to repeat the command. Command works.

I right click to repeat the command. Nothing.

I have to go back and click the button if I want to continue.

Is the macro missing something?


It works here, repeated 20 times from a toolbar button. The _SelNone after the 3rd _Pause command seems to be redundant.


It works 100 times from the button. When I right click on the screen to REPEAT the command, the repeat feature only works once. After that nothing.

This is what i have tried, i´ve started it one time from the button, then used RMB 20 times in a row to repeat the command.


If you press F2 to bring up the command line, where does it fail ?


In V4, try making an alias for this macro and put the alias on the button- does that repeat correctly?


I´ve now been able to repeat it, sometimes the command line justs repeats the last _SelNone. If i remove it at the end of the macro and leave the first _SelNone where it is it does not fail. (V4 SR9). You might also check this out, it did not fail a single time:

! _SelNone _Dim _Pause _Pause _Pause _SelLast _-ChangeLayer "Dim Blue"


Works every time. Thanks

Trying to update this Macro with also setting the “Continue=Yes” but can’t seem to get the macro to work. Feel like I Should be getting this at this point, but keep running into these little probs :confused: