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Hi everyone. I’ve been using Rhino for about 6 months now and am really enjoying learning this software. One thing I’ve noticed is that if I add !Repeat(command) I can repeat some commands without having to right click again. This is not the case with many commands. Why is this ? A few that would be really nice would be offset curve, mergeface (mergeallfaces can take forever on complex models), connect surface, merge edge (often times I do not want to merge all edges but only some so mergalledges is less usable for me). There are a ton more but this would save a lot of right clicks.

I found a work around for this though there are likely simpler and easier ways. In the command line I’m using:

I just cut and paste said command with the pauses like 20-30 times and it seems to work pretty good. One handy thing is that I can hit undo and it only undoes one command at a time. I would appreciate something a little simpler though as I’m sure this way is not the most effective.

!_repeat _command

Ciao Vittorio

Also *Command


For some reason the !_repeat_command only works for some and not all commands ? I just tried the *command and that is working for all the commands I’ve tried so far. Thanks guys!

! _Repeat _commandname

(note the spaces)


Okay that seemed to work now. Thanks again.

Hi. I’ve only now discovered this command. It’s great. I’m using it to repeat ArrayCrv. Is there a way to skip/automate the ‘Array Along Curves Options’ pop-up and ‘Click in the Viewport to choose a CPlane’ request? These are all the same and I’m arraying the object along hundreds of curves so less clicks would make a great difference.


Hi H - a macro like this may help but you will need to click each time in a viewport:

*_-ArrayCrv Pause Pause Orientation Roadlike 12

The ‘*’ is a repeater character.


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