Button in GridView Cell

Hello Rhino Developers,
I am working with GridView buttons, and managed to add it to the column by using this :

            GridColumn ActionColumn = new GridColumn()
                HeaderText = "Action",
                Resizable = true,
                Sortable = true,
                Width = 20,
                DataCell = CustomCell.Create<Button>()

  1. How Can I add all the Button data? (like text/ size)
  2. How can I refer to the click button methods when I click on the cell item?
    (we can add methods to the gridView events, but how can I add a method to a cell inside a gridview?)

the image shows the current result:

Hi @tanasra,

Just use an ImageViewCell. Then just handle CellClick click events.

– Dale

Thanks for your reply,

I will check it.