"button" component that freezes the Grasshopper canvas?

Is it planned to solve the bug of the “button” component that freezes the Grasshopper canvas?

Don’t click it, hold it down until the canvas is calculating then release it. Or of course replace it with a toggle.

I doublt it’s gonna get fixed. The issue (that I have experienced) is due to the fact that this component “shoots” twice, once upon pressing and once upon releasing.

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Hi @DavidRutten, is it planned to improve behavior here? This freezing disturbs quite a lot.


Any update?

Are you still getting this in Rhino7? If so can you upload a file which causes this freezing?

No, in Rhino 6 so far.

as a substitution as in https://www.food4rhino.com/app/pancake

Some fixes were made, but I think only in Grasshopper for Rhino7.