Bulge Brep

i am trying to do a simple solid transformation - Bulge a solid Brep.
Is that possible through grasshopper or do i have to turn it to a mesh and move each point?
Thank you,

‘Transform | Morph’

Transformations apply to the whole shape uniformly; translations (move), rotations, reflections (mirror), dilations (scale), taper and shear and any combinations of the above. Bulging however requires morphing. It is possible to morph breps, but if you need very exact control over the exact deformation, you may have to switch to meshes and computing a displacement on a per-vertex basis.

thanks a lot for the feedback, i am used to bulging and 3dcage deformations through 3d modelling software so i thought it would be a one component matter! i ll try moving each vertex!
thanks again!