Building a Trike using SubD tools

Hello. The rendering at the bottom is my attempt at building the trike while I watched Kyle Houchens’s awesome video on YouTube about using the new SubD tools.


awesome work! looks great!

Yes , nice touch. Any insights on how you went about it?—-Mark

Thanks. Kyle’s video that is linked above is super informative and easy to follow. The only extra step you’ll need to do, just like I did, is to take a screenshot of the reference sketch that he uses so you can use it as well. Other than that, just start watching his video then pause and rewind as needed until you’ve completed building your model. : )

Thanks, Kyle! I’ve watched many of your videos over the years, which have always been helpful. I’ve also been teaching Rhino for quite a few years but I still enjoying watching yours and many other people’s Rhino demo videos.

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