SubD trike

here is a sequence of images showing sketch, model and final documentation of the trike-


I loved your video doing this model!

cool! if i may add, it very much looks from the era of streamline, the white spike decals would then be protruding elements.

thanks! it was a fun one to do!

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more like hot rod pinstripes from old lake bed land speed cars was what I was thinking of…

started with images like this floating around in my petrol addled brain…



there you go, streamline trikes :slight_smile:


you’ll notice some influence there… :wink:

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super cool~

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Was the documentation done with a display mode?

No, it was make 2d, with print preview mode turned on and line widths assigned.

I futzed around with the line widths for aesthetics mainly. I used to use ashlar vellum (showing my age) and love the “look” you could get with it, and was trying to replicate that feel.

We just need tapers and end styles and we could get some really gorgeous line drawings.


That’s really nice.
I use a similar workflow with line weights in my own drawing, though I export to AutoCAD for final drawings.

How did you do the ‘shadow’ outline in the 2d perspective view on the drawing? Just make 2d, adjust location and then make2d again to pick it up at the correct view?

I wish it was somthing fancy… I cheated and just drew it manually… :wink:

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