Build web applications entirely from Grasshopper

ShapeDiver’s App Builder:
Build web applications entirely from Grasshopper

Grasshopper users can now design and build parametric web applications with the new App Builder in ShapeDiver.

Have you ever used Human UI, UI+ or any of the wonderful interface plugins to build custom interfaces for presentations and sharing with non-technical colleagues? While those tools are great, they remain limited in some contexts:

  • How do you share the user-friendly interface with users who do not own a Rhino license?
  • How do you give access to the application without sharing the Grasshopper definition?
  • How do you make the application accessible through all types of devices, including mobiles?

The new App Builder components solve all these issues at once. They allow the skeleton of a web application to be specified directly inside Grasshopper. After uploading the file to ShapeDiver, you can open and interact with the web application where the interface is parametrically controlled through the logic you defined in Grasshopper!

The App Builder already allows defining all traditional form inputs (sliders, value lists, toggles, file inputs, etc.), as well as formatted text outputs driven by the parametric algorithm and even image widgets. Of course, the online 3D viewer is at the center of it all.

Learn more from Mathieu Huard’s post on LinkedIn…

Posted May 03, 2024 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.