ShapeDiver - Parametric Design For Cloud Applications - April 28-30, 2020

ShapeDiver - Parametric Design For Cloud Applications

April 28-30, 2020

Free Online Webinar | Limited Spaces Available

Join this 3-day ShapeDiver online workshop with Edwin Hernández (Grasshopper specialist) and Mathieu Huard (Co-Founder & Head of Product) and learn how to prepare and optimise a Grasshopper definition for cloud applications.

During these online workshops (3 sessions/90 minutes each), they will give an overview of the cloud tools available within the Rhino+Grasshopper ecosystem (RhinoCompute,Speckle,Swarm,Trinckle,Emarf,Ghshot…). They will also provide help in identifying common design challenges and strategies for all these types of applications:

● Computational efficiency

● Lightweight solutions

● Data management

● Maximising automation

Mastering these design principles in Grasshopper is the main goal of this workshop, which is targeting already experienced Grasshopper designers. So if you ever wanted to polish and increase your Grasshopper skills to start a new business or improve your existing one, this is the webinar for you!

The participants will first go through the process of creating and uploading a simple definition to ShapeDiver as a concrete example of how a cloud application based on Grasshopper gets started.

Afterwards, in parts 1-3 of the workshop, they will provide advanced training for preparing and optimizing Grasshopper definitions for cloud applications. They will make use of some popular tools of the Grasshopper ecosystem (Metahopper,Human,OpenNest,Squid,FabTools…) as well as tools included in the ShapeDiver plugin.

In the last part, they’ll dive into some fundamental use cases for cloud applications based on parametric definitions and build examples using the ShapeDiver online platform, while keeping the focus on high-level implementation principles which apply to any technology leveraging CAD files in the cloud.

Check out the full agenda for this event here.

Are you interested in joining this webinar? Head to this link to reserve a place, limited seats available!

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