Build 2014-02-26 - SelVisible command dissapeared!

Can’t find it when typing or in the Command Editor

Yes, that appears to be the case - I checked in the previous version and it is there, the latest version no longer, so either it was deliberately removed (but I don’t see an entry in the changelog) or it got bit by a bug…


Yes, SelVisible has been removed. It was the source of a lot of crashes and is not easy to fix the cause. If it was working for you, you were lucky, but it’s too unstable to leave in.

Any plan to implement something similar? I’m using this to pick the outermost surfaces of large complicated CATIA solid models. And I use it very often.


No, the ol=nly plan would be to fix the command. The current implementation depends on old OpenGL features that no longer work well on the Mac. That is why it is not an easy fix.