Please, give us back SELVISIBLE

It was really useful and worked well for creating make2ds to export to illustrator. Now it’s often impossible to select the items to be drawn in 2d. Why did you remove it, by the way?

or could someone suggest a workaround, especially for situations where most of the model (like in indoor pics or details without the surrounding) is to stay invisible in make 2d, because its getting overburdened when exporting everything. Thanks!

Hi Peter - it is there in Windows, though not always very reliable. I’m not sure why it is not on the mac version- are you saying it was there in previous mac versions? (I never noticed), or did you only see this on Windows?


SelVisible was disabled on the Mac back in February because it crashed a lot. See this thread. The code that SelVisible used has been reworked since then and I think that the command will be more reliable.

SelVisible will be reinstated in the next WIP release on a trial basis, but will need to be removed again if it is still crashes a lot.

Thanks for the explanation! In my case it never crashed, rather it often produced undesired results like indefinite lines in perspectives or unconnected lines/contours (when tolerance was not low enough in settings). But thank you for trying to get it back on!