[BUG] Weird behavior

Hey !

I was playing around in RiR when I got this behavior… And I’m totally confused. (believe me or not, it was working an hour ago :melting_face:)
Anyone has an explanation on why the data doesn’t stick anymore?
I’m probably missing something basic here…


I restart, it works, I pull 2 components (shift path and explode tree), it still works, I check here to see if I got an answer, I go back on rhino inside, it doesn’t work anymore.

Is this real life? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Antoine, I’m not seeing this.

Can you provide the About info for your installation please.

Sure, there you go ! :slight_smile:


Looks like I might need to update… but I’ve done this recently and rhino doesn’t ask for update…

Edit: seems that I’m up to date… you’re in the future :upside_down_face:

Ok I found the problem / bug

Data sticks if my last click was on the Rhino window.
If I click on the Revit window then go back on Grasshopper, data doesn’t stick.
When I click on Rhino window, the data comes back !

Feature or bug?

More weirdly, it seems to happen ONLY when the three apps are on the same screen…

Can you recreate this?

Thanks for reporting, not a feature for sure, although i still can’t reproduce it after installing the same version. You are on a slightly different version of Revit.

What is this UI setting for you?

Sorry I’m bombarding messages and edits…
Here is my final discovery

If Revit window and Rhino window are on the same screen, then the problem happens (it depend on which window I last clicked). It doesn’t matter on which screen the Grasshopper window is.
If Rhino and Revit are on different screens, I don’t have any problems…

Can you tell me how to get to what you’re showing on your last image, please?

I’ll install latest Rhino inside and let you know…

I think I’ve got the last public release…

The options are in the same dialog as the about. You can also access the different builds there as well.

I’m using only one monitor.


But this might happen if you have multiple monitors and only dispatching the windows on one screen (?)
Sounds weird, I’ll try on another computer tomorrow and let you know.

Thanks, I’ll try some other configurations and ask around; leaning towards a UI context issue vs a particular build.

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Another last case…

When the Revit and Rhino are on different screens.
If Grasshopper is set to full screen, when clicking on Revit and then expire the Gh canvas, data isn’t sticking.
If Grasshopper is set back to “not full screen”, I click on Rhino, expire Gh canvas, and everything comes back, even when I’m on the revit window en expire Gh…

It becomes complicated, but you got the idea :slight_smile:
I’ll wait for some returns and let you know if I can make this happen on my other computer !


One last discovery…
Could it be Windows messing around with Rhino Inside?

The simple use of window’s split screen makes the problem appear !

edit: when the mouse goes far right, I’m clicking on Revit !

I’m not able to reproduce the problem on my other machine.

Although, after using the Revit window, the first click on the Gh window doens’t allow me to move components or else.
The first click seems to be to select the Grasshopper window and that’s what’s missing on the problem here above.

I would always make sure to get rid of as many dependencies as possible. It’s dangerous to install so many plugins. You simply cannot guarantee that this issue is caused by either Rhino, Grasshopper or Revit or the Revit Addin alone (As if this wouldn’t be enough of a problem).

Yes for sure…

Rhino Inside is my only Revit plugin though #revitnoob :smiley:

Antoine, Can you run SystemInfo on both machines in the Rhino command line (doesn’t need to be in RiR)

Also please look at the scaling of monitors on both machines (right click on desktop Display Settings)

I still haven’t been able to reproduce this.

Computer with the bug

Computer without bug

I forgot to check about scalings, so I’ll post that later, but I don’t think I have anything else than 100%.
On the buggy machine I have two 1440p screens (27’)
On the not buggy I have two 1080p (one 27’ and one 32’)


Stop everything !
Today it works like it should on both machines… I’m confused, I didn’t change anything on any setup.

Anyways… Thanks for your help/time, I’ll let you know if it shows up again and will try to catch the thing that made it buggy last time !