Bug: Unisolate - No objects are hidden

to reproduce: create 2 objects, isolate one, then move or change anything on it, call Unisolate. it forces one to use show, which then shows all the prior actually unwanted, hidden objects.

Hi -

When I do exactly that in a new file, the object that was hidden with the Isolate command is made visible again.
Mac 7.3.21010.21002

is that a relase canditate? i have the regular recent update running.

edit: oh no wait i think i updated to a candidate

That one is a bit older than the current public release candidate, which is 7.3.21012.11002.

i am confused, are you using a windows version which is higher than mac?
i have 7.2.21005.13002, 2021-01-05 which is supposed to be a candidate version.

The latest public Service Release on Mac is 7.2 - 7.2.21012.11002.
The latest public Service Release Candidate on Mac is 7.3.21012.11002.

Both were released about 13 hours ago.


i have set it to release candidate and it gives me that

Bildschirmfoto 2021-01-13 um 14.47.38

well nevermind, i cant risk updating anyway right now

guys this keeps happening frequently, unisolate does not seem to work very reliable, it often gets stuck mostly when i recall correct after using cmd z or something very similar and equally simple. then i am left with an isolated object with Rhino telling me that no objects are hidden, which can only be reverted by unhiding all the hidden objects which then of course is a total mess to sort that out again.

@wim can you maybe have a closer look at this?

here a topic claiming the same issue

and here some issues with unisolate.

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Hi -

The video in one of the topics that you linked to showed a reproducible workflow that triggers this. I then found that the issue has been on the pile as RH-57579 and added all threads.

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