BUG?: Texture Treat as linear checkbox

I don’t understand the “Treat as linear” setting on textures.
if that checkbox is not checked, it implies to me that the texture is interpreted as having gamma applied, meaning it should be de-gamma’ed automatically in a linear workflow.
These screenshots shows what I mean. All have 2.2 gamma applied in the rendersettings.
Default (not checked):

Checked: no difference!?

Unchecked, manually degamma’ed by setting the Adjustmets → Gamma field = 1/2.2. This is what I would expect when “Treat as linear” is not checked.

Should I just forget about it, and assume all textures are treated as linear? Or is it because it only applies to tga/tiff/exr?

@andy I’d be guessing here. Can you say for sure?

Tested on Windows now. “Treat as linear” also has no effect there.

There is a difference between Windows and Mac though. This screenshot has the same settings as the first one from Mac (Default (not checked)): Linear Workflow turned on, Treat as Linear turned off, no manual gamma adjustment of the texture. It’s clear this one has been de-gammaed before rendering, while the Mac version has not.

They should probably work the same on both platforms :slight_smile: