Bug selecting curves with taper

Hi All,

I’m not sure if I’m the only one, if I choose a curve that has custom tapered thickness, when you pick it it show something that looks like the curve with the thickness multiplied by 50

Rhino 8.7.24107.13001, 2024-04-16

Hi Joaquin -


Please post a 3dm file with a curve that behaves like that.
It looks like you have a custom display mode and custom selection color. Have you tried with the defaults?

That looks like mouse-over hightlight color, but I do not see that inflation effect here with mouseover turned on…


Thanks for the feedback, apparently the issue happens with curves that have intersection with history.
It’s true that this doesn’t happen in shade mode or wireframe, but it happened with monochrome and render mode apart from some custom display modes.
What is strange is that it’s not something that happens all the time.
Curves Taper Issue_240417.3dm (681.3 KB)

Hi Joaquin - I see it, thanks - it seems to show when there is a selection choice to be made, correct? Seems to be that linetype and in Perspective views. It’s the linetype width … millimeters and not pixels. I’ll add this to the pile, thanks.

RH-81603 Selection candidate - fat highlight