Bug Report: Text Object movement preview glitch

Hello everyone,
maybe @lowell or @John_Brock are the right ones to address here?
In the appended file I have a few curves and a text object. If I move the text object by dragging or with the move command, the preview shows some of the blue curves moving together with the text; as soon as I let go the mouse, the text object is moved and all of the blue lines are back at their original place.
There shouldn’t be any connection between text and curves (they were never grouped or similar).
Not a huge issue but it’s quite confusing when working with lots of curves and text objects (e.g. in an architectural plan)
All the objects were created in RH5 and copied over to RH6.

Here’s the file:
Preview_Glitch.3dm (108.8 KB)

And this is how it looks while dragging:

Thanks for the report. That’s related to having a mask turned on for the text, and it looks like it’s a display problem.
We’ll get it fixed

Thanks Lowell,
looking forward to the fix :slight_smile:

Sorry @lowell for getting back on you again…

Stumbled upon another strange behaviour maybe connected to the one described above (the geometry is copied from the same file as before. Preview_Glitch_02.3dm (200.2 KB)):

This is how the file looks before doing anything:

When I select the section lines (SelBlockInstance, they are blocked) and use BringToFront, most of the geometry jumps to the right:

The geometry itself seems to stay on the old spot, it’s only previewed somwhere else… If I do SelAll now, the old geometry reappears highlighted, as soon as I deselect everything, it disappears again:

As soon as I delete one of the curves, everything is back to normal, the geometry is previewed where it actually sits.

Am I guessing right that those issues are related?
Do you have a youtrack link for this? Would be very interesting to see how this evolves and how you fix it…
I know, I’m too curious :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the report.
Perfect report, too, by the way. We appreciate it.
It’s another display bug that needs fixed.
Here’s the YT# https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-43069

The one for your other report above is here: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-43050

Thanks Lowell, your efforts are much appreciated as well!
Unfortunately YT doesn’t let me see those issues. I get an access denied.
Probably they are hidden from public view?

These should be accessible now… shout if not.


Thank you Pascal, I can access them now :slight_smile: