Bug report: existing geometry in external file loses attributes on Bake

I have lot of 3dm files and I need to add some geometry to them.
The problem is the geometry that pre-exists in the file goes to default layer and loses Attribute user text after backing new objects to the files.
Here are files for reference:
Add centers.gh (17.4 KB)
PC-5EHPL.3dm (614.1 KB)


Is this in Rhino 8? There are new tools in 8 that may help here.

Which object has attribute user text on it? I was going to test this with 8.

Can we get the file with the usertext and the various layers? It seems the one above is after it has been stripped of that information.

Hi Scott, I ran into the same problem this week. The Elefront export generic component works as expected and retains the layers, names, and attribute user text. Elefront bake to file, modify rhino file, export to rhino file, and the Rhino tab export block definition are all removing the names, layers, and attribute user text.

In case they help sort this out, here’s a few sample files and the grasshopper file I used to make them.

ElefrontExportGenericComponent.3dm (68.8 KB)
ElefrontExportToRhinoFileComponent.3dm (9.9 KB)
Export to files.gh (27.9 KB)
Main.3dm (116.7 KB)
RhinoTabBlockExportComponent.3dm (9.9 KB)

Thank you for the examples.

This workflow sort of blurs the line between document user-data and object user-data. Which it should.

We need to make some decisions merge object user-data and document user-data in these cases.

By using document level data some bim information could be discovered from outside the file without reading the objects. But of course within rhino it is object user data that is used on the insert.

What is you ideal workflow with file and overall breakdown of objects? It looks like there is a logic between files and objects?

This issue is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 8 Release Candidate 4. Please test it out.

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Duncan -

We updated Rhino 8.8 so it works for this correctly. All the attributes are writing in the cases I was testing.

The example below writes out the 4 boxes to individual files in the upper part. Then in the lower segments reads those files back in and looks thru the Names and UserData of the objects.

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Just circling back: RH-82067 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 8

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