Bug Report - Build 2014-01-29 - offset surface does not work

offset surface does not work anymore in the latest built on my McBook 2013

Please provide a sample model and directions that describe how to duplicate the problem. This article can help.

I have tried to use offset surface. The first step worked. The surface shows normals, but when I click done in the dialog, nothing happens.

Now I have realized, that it works, when pushing the ENTER Button on the Keyboard.

Please try the 2014-02-03 WIP release. It fixed the problem with the Done button.

There is a similar problem when I try to create the edges in a solid, all the process works but when I press enter or press the button done, nothing happens.

what command are you trying to use to do this?

I was using Solid fillet but I set the tool bar as before and it works again but if I left the command palette on the left in this way doesn’t work