(bug) pdf export, custom paper size crashes rhino

trying to export a pdf via export (not print dialog)
using a custom paper size
as soon as I type the first number in the custom paper-size field rhino crashes.
Rhino Mac 7 (7.12.21299.13002, 2021-10-26)

type the number in an external text editor (in my case 250 ) and copy paste this number in the field.

therefore it looks like rhino tries to generate a preview - letzt say i want to change from 210x297 to 250x430 - so the 2x297 preview might crash the programm ?


knd regards -tom

Checking it, thanks…

Yep, got it.
RH-66110 Export PDF: Crash with custom paper size


thanks. - kind regards -tom

RH-66110 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 13

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@brian many thanks. Did you see my other post regarding pdf line width

? another thanks for having a look. kind regards -tom