[SOLVED] Weird .stl export problem with joined control point curves

We have come across a weird problem when exporting a extrusion made from two joint control point curves. It is probably best articulated with the attached images.

If a simple shape is extruded from two control point curves joined together, the resulting stl export is all distorted on the edge where the curve would be. The mesh from the object is valid/a good mesh and appears fine in rhino. Its just seems to be the export process that makes shapes using an extrusion from a control point curve go bad. Other shapes export fine.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I don’t know how to make the shapes I’m after not using this method.


Hello - are the curves far from the world origin?


Hi Pascal,

They sure were. I didn’t realize. I moved them to the origin and it fixed it right up.

Absolute legend. Thanks!