Bug? Multiple layers selected double click

When I select multiple layers in the Layer panel, and accidentally double click I get an error I can’t rename the layers because they are in use (which I did not want to do anyway)

But after Esc-ing all the errors, the selected layers are suddenly on root level instead of on the parent layers they used to be, and CTRL+Z does not undo this change.

You can of course imagine it’s quite a hassle to find out where the layers (with almost identical names) came from in a large file.

I assume this is a bug since changing names should not un-parent layers I’d think.

I can’t repeat this. For me, double-clicking unselects all of the layers but the one I have double-clicked. How are you doing this?

Strangely enough I can’t seem to reproduce it anymore, perhaps it was session related. I’ll come back at this if I encounter it again, and know more of why/how.