Bug - mapping in arctic

In Rhino 7 it seems there is a bug with the mapping of materials. In the DisplayMode Rendered it works as expected. Any way of fixing this?

Thanks, N

@DavidEranen you may want to check this

Hi @nsgma,

I’m not able to reproduce this. Can you send me the model with the problem? If not, then can you describe what kind of mapping you’re using?

If you don’t want to upload the model to Discourse then you can send using this link: Rhino - Upload to Support

David Eränen

Here it goes.
It may have to do with the mapping being applied to surface, which is important to keep the scale is different directions. In the arctic, the mapping seems to be applied from top.

Screenshot 2024-05-21 114256

240521 Arctic Mapping.3dm (503.1 KB)

Thanks for the model. I am not seeing any issues on my end - the mapping is the same in Rendered as in Arctic. Could you give me the system information that Rhino reports in Help → System Information…?

Have you modified your Arctic display mode? If so, can you send me the exported display mode?


I guess the difference here is Rhino 7 vs Rhino 8. I can see the issue in Rhino 7, but this is fixed in Rhino 8.

Ah, I forgot that this was for Rhino 7. I can see the problem with the provided model.

No need to provide the information I asked.


@nsgma This issue has been fixed in Rhino 8. Unfortunately, the fix is not trivial to make in Rhino 7 so I’m afraid you will have to find a workaround to get the correct look in Rhino 7. We are only fixing very serious bugs (crashes) in Rhino 7, all other fixes go mostly into Rhino 8.


That’s a pity. I still don’t trust R8 fully.
I noticed a second issue with mapping combined with my favorite rhino peeve, blocks.

The same mapping:
When the geometry is scaled the mapping does not scaled, but if it inside a block and the block is scaled (in one direction in the example) the mapping scales… but in DisplayMode raytracing it looks correct… … in Rhino 7.

In Rhino 8, the DisplayMode Rendered looks equally wrong as in Rhino 7, but the DisplayMode Raytracing it looks totally wrong.