BUG : GhGL broken on macOS?

I wanted to try using GHGL, but it does not seem to be working at all on macOS…

On Rhino7, Rhino crashes instantly as soon as you try to drog any GHGL component
On Rhino8WIP, I can drop a GHGL component ont the canvas, but Rhino crashes when I try to open the code editor

Is this normal ? I’ve seen there used to be some bugs, but here it goes beyond that…

Hmm… I’m not seeing an instant crash in Rhino 7, but I’m also not seeing anything output on the screen. Something must have broke in a recent service release. Sorry about that; I’ll try to find some time to see what can be done.

Right, so I found the cultprit ! I uninstalled this plugin, and now everything works fine.

Thanks for having a look.