Ghgl - v8 mac - V7 not working / V8 crashing


I tried ghgl and some of the provided samples on a intel mac

nothing showing on screen.
open code editor → OpenGl error

nothing showing on screen.
open code editor → rhino crashes
I think at least this crashing - issue should be solved.

any news / update on ghgl for mac users ?
thanks / kind regards tom

crash reported with comment

opening from this post

right mouse click on component, edit code → crash

  "captureTime" : "2023-11-11 13:50:04.0342 +0100",
  "incident" : "F5A36694-3248-481C-ACF4-CDF896D136B7",

I do plan to put an update for GhGL out for Rhino 8 Windows as I want it to use the same code editing controls that we now use for C# and python.

GhGL should not be used on Mac Rhino 8 and I don’t have plans to fix this anytime soon. Mac Rhino 8 runs on metal which is not compatible with GhGL. This would essentially require a large rewrite of GhGL to support metal and I won’t have the time to rewrite this anytime soon. I would like to eventually rewrite for Metal support as I use this component to prototype new display features, but it isn’t a high priority.

dear @stevebaer
thanks for your fast answer.
at least it would be great if any update checks the system ?
not implementing the feature / functionality, but at least make sure it s not crashing the mac side ?

yeah, I guess I could check to see if you are running on Mac V8 and show a “tough luck” error bubble instead of crashing