My Plugin is crashing in R8 MacOS - crash report has been sent to McNeel

Hi Guys,

I’ve had a new one come up, testing some recent changes in my plugin and in R8 on MacOS:

This happens when I’m running a computationally taxing piece of code that includes loops, Kangaroo 2 and data recording.

I recently changed the data recording from the builtin GH record component to a “roll my own” using the GH Python Sticky Lib. This improved performance of the function by a factor of 2 and killed a memory leak I had noticed with the Record components.

I have tested on Windows R7 + R8 and MacOS R7 with no crashes.

I can not copy/paste that error report above so dont really know how to proceed with finding the issue.

Any ideas?



I just noticed the Rhino in the background of the above pic is R7 - this the test session that didnt crash. The R8 was already long gone and only the crash report remained.

Attached is my very humble MacOS test bed sysinfo.



sysinfo.txt (3.9 KB)

I can confirm my source code running in R8 MacOS also crashes in the same way as the compiled code.

I’m now running a 2 week old version of my source to the same point to see if its a Rhino release or my code problem.



According the crashdump you sent in the component involved here is at WombatGH.TextOutlines

Is that something you recently added?

Hi Nathan,

THANK YOU! That is a very recent change to get around a version issue with an OpenNest component.

That would also explain the older source I have running right now that is not crashing on my Mac test bench.

I’m going to have to find a replacement for that Wombat.TextOutlines component.

Bugger - its in about a 100 places all over my codebase…



I don’t know WombatGH.TextOutlines, but what are you trying to achieve here?

The full story is I have been using the Engraving Text component from OpenNest for years for all of my text in the Rhino viewport along with the markup information on the unrolled panels for delivery to the kite factory. Single line fonts are needed for the this so the sail making laser cutter can first plot all the production marking before cutting.

On the 2nd of June OpenNest was updated to V2.0.0 and broke backwards compatibility with V1.5.1 on MacOS - with no ability to downgrade to the older version.

Killed my application on MacOS overnight and also has been bit of a pain in the butt on Windows for some users as well.

Needed a quick fix.

The TextOutlines component in Wombat (which is a plugin already needed for KaroroCAD to run) has drop in function to the OpenNest Text component. On Sunday I swapped out the nearly 100pcs of Text to TextOutlines BUT I was not at home and couldn’t test on my Mac.

Looks like a need to roll my own solution - however from what I’ve seen Text to Curves is not so easy in GH Python…



240612_OpenNest vs Wombat (11.6 KB)

@nathanletwory I had a a crash this morning in Windows/R7 that I assume is this same issue.

Could you check the error report and confirm it was the Wombat component - I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole chasing the wrong issue.

Looks like a single line of Python is all that is needed to roll my own version:

Is placement is exactly the height of the text shifted in the Y direction BUT that is likely not a road smash or something I will even need to ‘fix’.

My only nagging issue at this point - is the Wombat Component just calling the SAME Rhino Common code and the crash is due to the API not actually an issue in the Wombat component…



240613_OpenNest vs Wombat vs Python (14.0 KB)

Looks similar - the actual line in the callstack that would definitively say it is the wombat text outlines component is marked as <Unknown Method>, but the surrounding code looks the same and ends up in the RhinoCommon code that also crashes in the Mac case.

My first thought is that the API method is probably fed incorrect data, resulting in the crash.

Thanks Nathan - test running now on my Mac test bench - fingers crossed…