Bug? false material properies display on this object

Hi, both in V6 SR27RC and WIP, somehow this object (file attached) in Properties shows “Default” material, where in fact it has a real material which shows in display as well as if queried with script. Why would it show Default in UI?
material_weirdness.3dm (1.3 MB)

Hi Jarek,
FYI–Displays as expected in Version 6 SR27 (6.27.20153.14021, 6/1/2020) and WIP.

Hi Fred, what do you see when you select the object and go to Properties Panel > Material?
Here is shows Default material, even though it displays OK… That’s the problem I was trying to figure out and see if it happens only here. Thanks!

Hi Jarek - here it says ‘default’ as well…
It shows ‘New material 01’ for a split second then switches to Default, in Properties… But the material panel shows the correct material highlighted… hm.

Also, previews are not happening in V7 for any materials in Properties, in V7/WIP, OK in 6. Dunno, I’ll get this on the pile for Andy.

RH-58948 Properties gives incorrect material info


Hi Pascal,

Thanks, I thought I am delusional… anyway, maybe it is helpful to know that this has been imported as a block into a file with tons of other materials, possibly with the same name, and I have “AutoRename” (no prompt) on Import. In case it helps…


Looks normal:

Hi Fred - look in object Properties > Material page. The material panel looks correct here as well but not Properties.


OK here V7WIP (Edit= Via 'Materials" panel)

Hi Fred - here, in object Properties:


Yep same.

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…And same "Default in WIP.

thanks Pascal. The YT Item is not public yet… :grimacing:

Oops, sorry - fixed…