(bug) _extrudeCrvToPoint - no SubD

draw a line
output = SubD

→ result is a surface

thanks for a fix

same bug for polylines.

the behaviour should be comparable to _extrudeCrv which handles lines / Polylines well.

works on a closed curve, probably/maybe not meant for any arbitrary curve/line

but you can repeat the bug on a line ?

not sure its a bug, can you give an example where that specific case would be useful?

let the developers decide this.

i do not see any reason, why _extrudeCrv (output = subd) supports lines / Polylines and _extrudeCrvToPoint (output = subD) should not.

preparing some patches for a pentagonal opening.
… and more centric stuff within the same project … would have been really useful …

i am definitely the last one to decide on that, but that is beside the point. i just dont see much reason for this being a bug.

i had the feeling this came up already. ok while writing i found this


does not look like its getting a lot of attention though.

@Tom, thanks, I’ve added this thread