Bug: Edgesoftening recalculated by moving the object or editing the mapping

Moving objects cause recalculation of the edge softening. Needs a lot of time for my detailed jewelry model. Also reported for Rhino 5 in the past:

Also editing the mapping cause a recalculation. Simple things like editing the repeat count cause a waiting time (for example 20s).

The edge softening is a phantastic feature, I use it often at Rhino 5 and my hope was, that the bugs are fixed for Rhino 6. So, I still hope it. :wink:


Hi @Micha,

You’re not going to like my answer on this one. I won’t rule out a fix for this in a v6 service release, but more likely than not this will get fixed for v7.

Your are right, I don’t like the answer!!! Since three years I report this bug now, I’m very disappointed, also that it shouldn’t be fixed per v6 SR. You understand that freezes of 20s or more are quite annoying. And if I edit more than one parameter of the mapping, than I need minutes for a little task.

Only I can hope that it will be reconsidered to touch the problem earlier … since three years … :frowning:



We discussed this again in the office. We are going to attempt to fix this for a V6 service release.

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Thank you very much. :slight_smile:
Good luck.

Hi @Micha,

We have a fix ready for V6 Service Release 1. Hoping that it will go in, but we’d have to make sure it hasn’t caused any other bugs to appear.

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Great, thank you very much.

Last I have seen the behavior, I edit the mapping of an object without edge softening and the edge softening of other objects was recalculated. Do you think this would be fixed by the fix too? Or should I send you the file?

@Micha I can’t repeat the texture mapping thing

@Micha, we fixed the issue for moving the object. Can you help us repeat the texture mapping bug? Sending the file would be great.


@DavidEranen I sent you an email now.