Bug: Distance ToolTip

Hey McNeel,

Just noticed that the distance tooltip doesn’t show when using the _Dim or _DimAligned command.



Hi Aaron - would you expect the actual 3d distance or the dimensioned distance, when these are not the same?


Hey Pascal,

Here’s what happens in 5.0:

And in WIP, this is what I get:

The object tooltips are set the same for both 5.0 and 6.

It’s quite handy to be able to see the distance before I snap to it.

Thanks Pascal,

Kind Regards,

Aaron Clark

+44 7963 767 769

Hi Arron - yeah, the slightly weird thing though, and I understand that it is not an issue at all in 2d, is that the distance may not correspond to the dimension, so I’m not sure what should happen- maybe it’s fine as in V5 but it seems like it might be confusing.


I just find it handy to find the measurement I want to snap to - understand if that sounds counter-intuitive!