Bug - Block instance transform


block instance transform readout in properties does not work correctly with gumball
ScalingExample.3dm (61.9 KB)

I’ve tested scaling blocks by 1.1 in x, y, z separately using gumball and directly editiong the transform table. Y direction seems to work correctly.
Gumball scaling in x and z loses rotation value from before scaling and the scale value does not appear in the table. Table scaling in x direction affects Y rotation. Not sure if that is supposed to happen, my linear algebra is bit rusty.

Z comparison

Not sure what you are showing in the “Z comparison” tables. The “Block settings scale” table clearly shows a Z scale of 1.100 while the “Gumball scale” table shows all scales as 1.000.

Is the first shown after scaling while the second is before? Or is that the point?

All of the 6 bloks on right have been scaled.

Hello- I see some problems with this - thanks.
I can’t repeat it yet, however, with a new file.
This one seems to behave as expected.
BlockScale.3dm (74.9 KB)