Bug Annotation Styles

If I try to delete an annotation style with objects of that style I get a message

There are ## Objects of Style ______. Do you want to delete the style and the object?


If I select NO, Rhino deletes the style and the objects anyway.

On a related note, is it possible to select all object with a given style?

Hi -

I’m not seeing that behavior here. Could you post a 3dm file with a step-by-step description to reproduce this?

Yes, you can use the SelAnnotationStyle command for that.

I am trying to create a simple file that reproduces it. I can easily do it in big files. I have files where it happens repeatedly and others where it never happens.

Along those lines, I am uploading through the web site a file that shows weird behavior with line types. I have set the line type to dash dot as shown here

but the line is still solid. No matter how I change the line type for the layer, it remains solid.

BUT, if I delete all the other layers in the file, I can change the line type for the that layer and have it change appearance.

Hi -

In the future, please post different issues in different threads.

If you zoom way in, you should see that the lines are drawn in the DashDot linetype.
If, in Document Properties, you go to the Linetypes tab, you will see that the pattern, in inches, is set to “0.1969, 0.0787, 0.0000, 0.0787” and that explains why you don’t notice this pattern when a line is several feet long.
You can create a new linetype and set the pattern as you want.

I didn’t notice any difference when I deleted all other layers here. What are the exact steps to reproduce this?

I just deleted all the layers except EM BHD.

I think I am going to import all my V5 files into clean V6 files. All of the funky problems I see are coming for olde files that have been converted.

I have uploaded a file showing the problem.


FILE>SETTINGS>Annotation Styles


Click “-”

“Are you sure you want to delete style Helvetica Regular?”

Click YES

" There are 49 annotation objects that use the “Helvetica Regular” annotation style.
If you delete this annotation style, all annotation objects that use this style will be deleted.
Do you want to delete this annotation style and all objects that use it?"

Click NO

Rhino deletes the style anyway.