Bug: Adjust Closed Surface Seam

The command _SrfSeam does not work in the latest WIP

version 7.0.20133.11585, May 12, 2020 - works

Adjust Closed srf seam does not not work on this surface. On some others it works ok. What is wrong here?Adjust Closed srf seam.3dm (39.7 KB)

Adjust closed srf seam only works on non-periodic surfaces it seems.

You beat me to it just. Would be interested to know a bit more from anyone who knows.

Seems you can MakeNonPeriodic and then adjust, then MakePeriodic again.


On Rhino 7 Beta.

Easy to reproduce the bug:

  • create a circle, center on World 0 , radius 5
  • pipe that circle, radius 1
  • we have now a double periodic surface…
  • adjust closed surface seam > Direction=Both simply doesn’t work, never.

This should be fixed in the next 7.0 Beta release this was the bug: RH-60773 SrfSeam: Fails in V7

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