Rhino7 bug on "_SrfSeam" for "Networksrf"

Hi guys,
Sorry for my bag english “Hi ame Frenche”
I use Rhino7 with the french menu. I wanted to move the joint (SrfSeam) of a surface done with 6 curves with “Networksrf”. It works well on Rh6 not on RH7. On Rh7 it works on a cylinder. I join a file.
ajustement-jointure-surf_SrfSeamRH7-wip-2020-09-30.3dm (172.4 KB)
best regards

Hi Laurent - thanks, I’ll check it.
I see this. For now, if you makeNonPeriodic first, move the seam, then MakePeriodic again, it will work.
RH-60773 SrfSeam- fails in V7


Thanks for the report. Should be fixed in next weeks release.

it works now ! ça marche ! Merci