Bridge between Spheres


I’m working on a project involving a wristband, watchband, or glove. I have two approaches in mind:

  1. Soap bubbles
  2. Soap bubbles with reduced surface tension

The second idea is illustrated in the following image:

For the first approach, I tried using the Cocoon Plug-In, but it either resulted in a discontinuous structure or a single large blob. I also attempted to use Cocoon curve charges, but they didn’t connect with the bubbles.

As for the second approach, I explored using the “Pipe” function. However, I’m struggling to make the pipe ends tangential to both spheres while ensuring a minimum radius of half the sum of the sphere sizes.

cocoon with 40 points

cocoon with 70 points

cocoon file :
Cocoon strukture (15.7 KB)
soap bubble file :
Soap bubbles (13.5 KB)

I hope I have explained the problem clearly. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Something like that ?

Yeah that looks good! I need to translate into 3D but the Shape is just as I imagined it.

Thanks lets see if it works

Bridge spheres (13.8 KB)
It uses implicit modeling tool Jellyfish and other plugins.
The pOd can be downloaded from here.


You can create the tangent cone or truncated cone around two spheres by finding the tangent line , angle, radius …etc

Tangent lines to Two Circles

cone around 2 (23.8 KB)


Great contribution, but I think it might be a bit complex to integrate into my code :smiley: .

I think i might have had the wrong approach with the tangents but ill give it a shot.

I am getting really cool results with this. I think i’ll continue with your approach thanks!


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