Brickwall - control gaps

Hey there everyone,
I’m doing my architecture final project with brick walls in the intire project. My chalenge right know is to construct a definition that alows me:
to control the gap between the lines of bricks
to control the gap between bricks (that can be equal to the entire wall)
the bricks (as a normal wall) have to be interlaced
there is no problem if a brick has to cutted in the end of the line of bricks

I made a definition with a tutorial and a mentor found here, but know the situation is different and i’m a kind of stuck. Can somebody help me?
Thanks so much group :fist:


hi @luizfellipe.machado see if the attached is of some help (21.3 KB)

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hey there @Gijs!!! It works!! it’s perfectly what i need. I decided to split the Vertical Gap and the Horizontal Gap to have control off this two parameters.

I’m very grateful for your help!!:heart_eyes:

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I was trying to use the definition you gave me and by then it was working perfectly with curved walls.

However I am having problems with the corners when joining a curved wall with a straight line, the brick doesn’t “break” with the line.

Could you tell me how I can solve this situation?

you probably have to make sure that the segments have an exact size that can be divided by an equal+1/2 stones