Brick Surface Lofting

Brick (105.3 KB)
Brick Definition2.3dm (157.4 KB)

I have been trying to model this brick wall from Brick Labyrinth (I popped this in quote so you can copy the link knowing it’s not malicious…sorry for the inconvenience)
Gramazio Kohler Research (]

Particularly the part where the bricks deviates and starting to ‘open’ towards the top. I understand that’s there’s more to it but at the moment I’m just focusing upon modelling that bits.

I think that it’s a surface/surfaces that is ‘loft’? together (I questioned this because it seems to be an open crv into a closed curve? or I am interpreting this wrong?..)

My attempts at the problem is attached. In this attempt I basically treated it as 2 different lofts to create the surface to create the brick wall. The sudden jumped of the brick is probably due to the amount of curve there is so if I straighten it a bit it might just work…

A classmate was able to do this but won’t share the logic of it…it’s not entirely what I’m looking for but still I would like to know the thinking behind it…

The end result I kind of wanted to achieve is something like the image below. Understandably there’s a lot of discussion regarding the rotation of bricks in the brick wall but all I found were literature on flat planes and not something like this…

I assume you have been following this tutorial :slight_smile: Grasshopper Tutorial | Parametric Brick Wall - YouTube

the problem comes with the data structure (the tutorial works good on single surface input)
because you have two different surfaces in your starting parameter, then the Contour component generates two different main branches (0,… and 1,…) one for each starting surface

then, when you get to the Split Tree component, the mask used in the tutorial does not suit your data tree:

you need a “?” to include “any first branch”

at this point there’s still something weird going on here, that probably comes from the planes generated to be used with the orient component?

at a certain point the planes turn in opposite Y axis, which means the brick will be oriented flipped 180 degrees

this comes from the Flip Curve component, it did not align all the curves correctly (here I highlight the starting point of all the curves after being flipped to show the issue)

generally speaking, the FlipCurve component is not very happy to get Curves as GuideCrv, it prefers Lines:


Brick (105.3 KB)

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Always start by searching first:

I started playing with bricks 6.5 years ago, here:

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