Brep Plane Section Data Tree

Hi all,
i am struggeling with the Brep Plan section component to recreate an data structure equal to the inputs. I want to use a variable amount of brep containers (A, B, C…) which should be intersecting with planes based on an variable line count (1-6).

as seen i managed to creat a data structure which has a branch for every plane but i additionaly want it to be divided by the input containers to have a total of 18 Branches (A 6 Branches, B 6 Branches, C 6 branches). as already mentioned the amount of planes and container should varie unfortunatly i am not able to script this so i would highly appreciate help from you :slight_smile:
all data in my script is internalised and thanks in regards!
Plane (601.1 KB)

If I understood you right. This should do the trick.
Each section is split into containers and each container has a branch with the plane intersection.
Plane Intersection (465.3 KB)

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thanks for this approach but its not fully what i try to achive maybe this picture clarifys:

the marked curves shall be in one branch even if they are not refering to the same object but because they are intersecting with the same plane.

Like this?
Plane Intersection RWG (2).gh (467.3 KB)

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unfortunatly not :frowning:
i slightly rearnged the geometry so its easy to discribe
Plane (601.1 KB)

f.e. 6 planes which intersect an object once (A) intersect multiple objects (c) or an object intersected by multiple planes (b). the new data tree should be based on the plane but also on the a,b,c containers. so the result should be A;1-6, B;1-6, C;1-6 in this case 18 branches

Ok I got you now, Sorry. Be right back.

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Ok, Finally. So sorry once again. I am not the sharpest crayon in the box.
Here you go.
Plane Intersection RWG (3).gh (469.8 KB)

this data structure is based on the objects :smiley: i also manged to do it based on objects or planes but could not combine this

maybe any one else who could help on this? :slight_smile:

Is this what you’re trying to get? (477.7 KB)



amazing thanks a lot! i aimed to replace the first part with one dynamic geo pipeline streaming multiple layers represented by the group and merge component but the path mapper does excatly what i try to achive