Solving and quantifying intersections for a set of multiple breps

Hello, my name is Fran. I have a set of multiple breps that intersect with each other. I’d like to isolate the intersected regions and to separate them into categories of how many intersections there are. As in having all of the intersected regions and then dividing them into different categories: all the regions that have a double intersection (two breps intersecting each other), all the regions that have a triple intersection, and so on.
file and picture attached below. Any and all ideas appretiated.

Thank you!Algae (368.0 KB)

See attached (if by Breps you mean planar BrepFaces … otherwise [Breps with multi non planar Faces - open/closed/whatever] be prepared to wait Rhino for days/weeks/months/years to finish).

SplitPlanarBreps_UltraCrude_V1B.3dm (381.2 KB) (125.7 KB)

As it is it doesn’t provide a connectivity Tree (what is splitted with what, that is) … but if the whole thing is what you want I could spend some minutes more to add a classic ccx Conn Tree.

BTW: A “minor” (kinda) bug is fixed and a conn ccx Tree is added. But still the whole def is crude and slow (and a bit stupid).

SplitPlanarBreps_V2.3dm (417.0 KB) (132.7 KB)

Yes, by brep i meant planar BrepFaces. Thank you very much for your time, this looks great!

did you make that c# component? as in just for this specific problem?

Yes I did it. It is based on other similar existing high performing (i.e. fast and/or very fast) defs that are using Methods strictly internal to my practice … thus this public version is slightly changed: As it is does the same job twice (not to mention some MIA // approach) and thus is rather slow.

Plus … well … it doesn’t actually work (connectivity wise) by the book because it does the BrepFace VS the related Curves split job “at once” using the known R Method:

The orthodox way is a List of pieces and a classic connectivity DataTree (of type int) that tells you what piece (by index) belongs to what closed Curve (or BrepFace).

The ccx conn Tree provited on the other hand … well … can help you up to a point.

Its great, thanks

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