Brep /plane intersection

Hello, I am new to GH, to be honest, however, I was trying to create a set of the uniform vertical lines on a series of trimmed surfaces and then move, loft, and extrude those lines.
I tried to make divisions on the bottom line in my shape and then make mathematical planes at each of those points and finally try to find the intersection of my trimmed surfaces and those Plans, but I don’t understand why it is not working…

What is the error message?

…hey. thank you for responding…
It says intersection failed…to be mentioned that when I graft my surfaces .,the intersections appear although some unwanted intersections also appear because those planes were mathematical and somehow infinitive in space;;; something like this

It’s better if you share your file and the planes intersect with all faces

Here it is…
Share.3dm (5.8 MB) (4.3 KB)

If that what you want you need to explode the polyline and separate the surfaces following its segments
And remove duplicates surfaces in Rhino. (25.3 KB)

woooow,I am impressed i wish i had asked for help sooner this week… That was the nicest thing in my day,:slight_smile:
Thank you,