Brep.CreateFromLoftRebuild curve Direction

Hi I try to create a loft.

The curves are in the right order.

Dim loftBr() As Brep = Brep.CreateFromLoftRebuild(dirList, Point3d.Unset, Point3d.Unset, LoftType.Normal, False, 100)

But when I loop through my lines and reverse the ones that are in the wrong direction they don’t always flip:

        Dim dirList As New List(Of Curve)
        For i As Integer = 1 To projCrvList.Count - 1
            If dirList.Count = 0 Then
                Dim crv As Curve = projCrvList(0).DuplicateCurve
                crv.Rebuild(100, 3, False)
            End If

            Dim testCrv As Curve = projCrvList(i).DuplicateCurve
            testCrv.Rebuild(100, 3, False)
            Dim matchDir As Boolean = Curve.DoDirectionsMatch(projCrvList(0), testCrv)
            If matchDir Then
                Dim bool As Boolean = testCrv.Reverse()
            End If

If I loop again through this list like:

        For i As Integer = 1 To dirList.Count - 1
            Dim matchDir As Boolean = Curve.DoDirectionsMatch(dirList(0), dirList(i))
            If matchDir = False Then
                MsgBox("Not in the same direction")
            End If

Then I still get a messagebox that the curves are not in the same direction, while i just looped through them to get reversed… Even when Dim bool As Boolean = testCrv.Reverse() never returns False.

Any help?

Hi Jordy,

Any way you can post some geometry?

– Dale