Bug ? Brep.CreateFromSweep flips the points if there is a single section


I’m seeing this weird result recently… Curves are correctly oriented, points and section are in the right order yet the result is incorrect…
I have to flip the rails or revert the points for the Brep.CreateFromSweep to work correctly.

I’ll try to revert to a previous version of Rhino because I’m pretty sure I’ve tested this a few weeks ago and it worked. Maybe I was dreaming… → I was not but it was a different case :

The problem does not happen with two or more sections.

CreateFromSweepFlip.gh (9.9 KB)

I see a yellow warning.

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I’ve added 2 sections instead (and internalized them, this time).
If you only use one section if fails.
With both sections it works, even if points are not in the correct order.

Let me bring that to the top.