Break the lock of CRhinoGetPoint::GetPoint() (C++)

Hello devs,

Is there any way to break the lock from CRhinoGetPoint::GetPoint() in the backend, without any keyboard/mouse action?
The provided example here: “rhino-developer-samples/cmdSampleGumballCylinder.cpp at 6 · mcneel/rhino-developer-samples · GitHub” is not something I would allow in our codebase. We have different mechanisms sometimes running on different threads, and implementing the Gumball as such freezes some of them (state machine and UI).
I need to be able to “Stop” getting the point when I need to move on and stop using the Gumball.

Thank you

I don’t follow, sorry.

Sorry, I’m going to need further explanation of what you are trying to do and why.


– Dale

Hello @dale,
I’m looking for a way to timeout the Get function that waits indefinetely. Somehow this process of waiting is blocking another process in my application.
I have a Gumball manipulator that always needs to be active and responsive (waiting for mouse inputs), but I need to notify the corresponding GetPoint object to stop waiting once I need to move on in the flow of the application.
So far I found AcceptCustomWindowsMessage() to work with PostCustomWindowsMessage() but I don’t think that’s a clean way to do it.

I hope this is clearer

Hi @blondbeer,

I was going to suggest AcceptCustomWindowsMessage/PostCustomWindowsMessage. But it sounds like you’re already there.

– Dale