RhinoGet.GetPoint() not working

Has anyone had any issues with the recent WIP 5/24/2016 build and the RhinoGet.GetPoint()?

I am unable to return out of this call to GetPoint(). Here is the code that I am trying:

        var doc = RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc;
        Point3d locationStart;
        var result = RhinoGet.GetPoint("Where do want to start the box?", false, out locationStart);`

This was working prior to my last update (although not sure how long ago it stopped working).

Then result is never received, and code refused to select a point.



Hi Jake,

Seems to work here for me. Can you provide the complete code that doesn’t work?

– Dale

That is the complete code. Line 3 above is where it stops waiting for point input. No clicking or typing satisfy the input request. I’ll try rolling back to a previous build.

@dale Do you know if anything changed recently with maybe how your application handles MouseCapture? The reason I ask, is that if you execute our code in a command, where your Rhino Process has focus it works fine.

However with our hybrid application, we also execute code in Rhino via our ServerPlugin when does all our work in Rhino. So our UI has focus, then initiate the above code, and now Rhino is no longer aware that we are clicking in the viewport.

Our Rhino MouseCallback however is receiving all of the events. And much of the Rhino UI still responds to the mouse, but the RhinoGet does not see any clicks…

I don’t recall anything changing. But we have many developers here.

How can I repeat what you are experiencing?

Unfortunately it would be difficult to reproduce the exact scenario because we have our own application process which talks to a Rhino Plugin via WCF. The plugin is telling Rhino what to do, in this case the above 3 lines.

I am trying to test our plugin using old WIP builds, but I cannot get our plugin to load any longer in older WIPs. Is Plugin Loading disabled in Expired WIP builds?

I am also having an issue where after hiding and then showing the Rhino Window using ShowWindow() api call causes viewports to stop painting.

We have to hide the Rhino Window whenever we have UI that needs to show on top of it, to avoid airspace issues between WPF and MFC/WinForms.

I will let you know what I find.

I figured this was the case…

If you have an idea when things fell apart, it would be very helpful.

Rhino WIPs expire after 45 days. I can get you any WIP you need up to 45 days ago. Beyond that, you’d have to fiddle with your system clock. But to answer your question, expired WIPs won’t run at all.

Is the “Rhino Window” the main Rhino window? Is ShowWindow a p/invoke call into Win32?

Sorry to have wasted your time, went back in time in our code and problem is resolved even on the latest WIP.

So it is our problem. Thank you for your time and attention.

Great! Thanks for the update.

– Dale