Break Curve

I simply can’t remember where it was that I saw my recollection of a “Break” command to literally break a curve anywhere along its’ length for any distance simply using mouse clicks for beginning and end. Maybe it appeared years ago in V1 or 2. I was impressed as this was not at the time available in Autocad. If I remember correctly, one could break a curve at any chosen spot along a curve with a mouse click and then simply click again anywhere past the end of the curve that would then shorten the curve to the first mouse click.

So, for V6…how’s about a truly useful “break” command? I know I would use it everyday as one of the uses might be for fairing a curve; one finds an uncomfortable part of the curve, breaks it, then using blend curve with control may find it easy to “fair” that curve to one’s satisfaction…cheers, Rob

SubCrv and/or DeleteSubCrv?