Brazil material

Hy guys I have a problem with this material:

I have dowloaded the Famous Furniture Collection #1. This is the link:

I have saved the material Brazil Advanced Material 008 as a file. It is included in this file LeCorbusier_LC2_Sofa.3dm.

Now I load it into my file but the rendering is completily different. In particular the bump map doesn’t work.

The strange thing is that when copy my file into the LeCorbusier_LC2_Sofa.3dm. it works perfectly.

At this point I think the problem is the Brazil/file configuration but if I load the same configuration of LeCorbusier_LC2_Sofa.3dm into my file the problem persist.

The only difference is the misure unit: inches for LeCorbusier_LC2_Sofa.3dm and millimeters for My file.3dm and the color of the material: Brown instead Black all the other options are identic.

The mapping of every element in the scene is standard (surface) I haven’t change it.

What’s the problem?How Could I do?I need to wok with millimeters.

The image are too small but in the second render (my file) the bump is disappeared.

Hi Cristian,

Yikes… I need to take a look at all the files on my wiki page! This one has gotten a little old and it looks like a texture may have been excluded from the environment when the file was initially saved. Or the current version of Rhino and Brazil is not seeing it… not sure. In any case, I remade it to be less bad and to get the bump map working.