Brazil License

My Brazil will not load. Message states “Unable to communicate with the license manager. Brazil will not run.” And “Couldn’t find Brazil for Rhino license.” So…
What now?


  • Andy

I have a customer that has just reported this problem. This is with the latest Rhino (SR10) and latest Brazil…

The wiki page linked to seems kinda old… --Mitch

Is it an educational version of Brazil?

Nope. Commercial. This is a fresh install of Rhino 5 and Brazil.

Where is the brazil license file? It doesn’t appear to be here: C:\ProgramData\McNeel\Rhinoceros\5.0\License Manager\Licenses


It uses the v4 licensing system. But it should work. This is one for @dale

Does this help?

Well, the user is not using the Zoo, so I guess not… Unless I should be doing this even if the user has a locally installed license…