BoundingBox rotate?

I need to create a bounding box of the following geometry but seems that the resulting geometry it is not rotated as I expect. How can I rotate the bounding box to have the correct orientation (red lines)?

BoundingBox.3dm (53.0 KB)

This could be one way… (12.1 KB)

Thank you very much. It is working.

I tried again this definition using multiple objects rotated differently as input and seems that now it is creating multiple bounding boxes with different rotations for the same object. It is a way to create only one BB/object?

Right click the bounding box component and choose the Union Box option.

When if you are dealing with multiple geometries, the first thing you can always try is to use Graft. (25.2 KB)

So simple. Thank you.

Maybe I’m missing some reason why it has to be so complex.

But this works too:

This way is working too. Thank you for the solution.