Bounding box _improvement

add option _ Expand & Point _Center, Top, bottom

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Will be very useful this additions.

The Expand and Point options are easily scriptable as well. The other stuff shown in the video is some stuff that can be done in GH/Kangaroo with convex hull - @DanielPiker had an example in another thread.

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Guessing @Helvetosaur is referring to this thread:

The convex hull component is part of @dale’s RhinoPolyhedra plugin

Hey, can you add it to wish list, please.
Expand & Point _Center, Top, bottom.

Hello @PowerShape my friend
It was a good request. Yes, Rhino needs this

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Hi @PowerShape

would you like this in Grasshopper, Rhino command line, or a dialog box similar to the one you posted? Is that dialog already in Rhino?

I can help adding to the list, but you don’t need my intervention: @DanielPiker can assist you as well. Thank you.

@piac @DanielPiker
Thanks for the quick reply. :rose:
Yeah, in Rhino command line.

I’ve added RH-59339.

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